Press Release
Coyote Announces the Availability of the C16LB Wheel Loader with a Backhoe

The Coyote C16LB wheel loader with a backhoe offers excellent performance as an articulated loader and as a backhoe. This machine provides operator comfort, maneuverability and, with the many different available attachments, offers unlimited versatility.

The C16LB is designed as a dual purpose machine—at the front, a tool carrier and at the back, a powerful digging machine.

Equipped with fast hydraulics, the maximum hydraulic pump output of 26 gallons per minute makes this unit an excellent tool carrier for attachments such as the cold planer that require high oil flow.

The 63 horsepower Perkins 4-cylinder engine delivers powerful performance and comes with a strong reputation of reliability and durability. The computer matched hydrostatic drive through the planetary drive axles provides a powerful tractive drive for the vehicle.

The hydrostatic drive features an inching mode where, with high engine rpm, the unit can be driven very slowly as job conditions may require. In addition to the braking effect of the hydrostatic drive, the oil enclosed multiple disc brakes provide an excellent braking feature.

The infinitely variable speed of the drive system provides tow selection modes. One is the working mode with maximum speed of 7 mph and the travel of 16 mph.

This machine shows its productivity and versatility on many different job sites with excellent breakout and bucket fill capabilities.