Press Release
Coyote Announces the Availability of Four Different Sizes of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

One of the key goals in many construction businesses is concrete. Coyote, the company, announces the availability of four self-loading concrete mixers in the following sizes:

btn 47 horsepower -- 2.0 cu. yd. capacity
btn 86 horsepower -- 3.1 cu. yd. capacity
btn 109 horsepower -- 4.1 cu. yd. capacity
btn 109 horsepower -- 5.1 cu. yd. capacity

These units can produce concrete for small to medium job requirements. With immediate product availability of the right type and quality concrete, building site profitability will boom.

These mixers are powered by Perkins diesel engines which have a strong reputation of reliability and durability. Specially designed drum geometry makes mixing more efficient with faster cycle times. The hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel steering and drum slewing make these mixers highly maneuverable, easy to handle and productive. The self-loading feature provides easy loading of material into the drum thus saving on manual labor at the job site.

With the introduction of self-loading concrete mixers in 1965, these units are the product of constant improvement which has resulted in highly productive machines.