Press Release
Ten new Coyote C20B Wheel Loaders
Assist The Ohio Turnpike with Road Maintenance

Shown below are the first two of ten C20B Coyote wheel loaders as they are delivered to the Ohio Turnpike Commission. These Coyote wheel loaders are beginning to work in conjunction with the salt trucks to provide dependable service required for the maintenance of the many miles of interstate highway. Checking the C20B’s fine performance in loading the trucks is one of the inspectors responsible for the reliability of the equipment.

Coyote C20B hydrostatic wheel loaders are equipped with 1.38 cubic yard buckets and the high-speed capability to accommodate fast road travel requirements. These loaders are world class leaders in performance, safety and operator comfort and will provide the Ohio Turnpike with the best service for road maintenance in all seasons well into the 21st century.

Coyote Loader Sales, Inc. has recently moved from its former location in Stow, Ohio to their present location on Route 8 at Exit 12 of the Ohio Turnpike, in Boston Heights, Ohio, within easy reach to meet the needs of the Turnpike Commission.