Press Release
26 Coyote Wheel Loaders assist The State of New York,
Department of Transportation with road maintenance

Major highways in the State of New York are now being maintained with Coyote wheel loaders.

These Coyote wheel loaders are beginning to work in conjunction with salt trucks to provide the dependable service required for the maintenance of the many miles of interstate highway. The Coyote hydrostatic wheel loaders are equipped with quick change buckets and the high-speed capability to accommodate fast road travel requirements.

These loaders are world class leaders in performance, safety and operator comfort and will provide the NYDOT with the best service for road maintenance in all seasons well into the 21st century.

Shown below are the 13 Coyote wheel loaders waiting for delivery to New York and also several of these machines loaded on the truck as they are delivered to the various locations in the State of New York.


Compact Coyote articulated wheel loaders have been marketed for the past 20 years into many varied work applications around the country. The world class quality, performance and over all design, combined with the standard quick-change coupler arrangement and the numerous available attachments, makes these loaders the most versatile of tool carriers.

The 2 Coyote loaders delivered this year to the New York Department of Transportation represents only one of the many different sizes of compact units offered by Coyote Loaders.

The hydrostatic drive, comfortable operating and control station, combined with high performance and operation ease, as well as the 9'5" maximum bucket dump height , made the decision for the NYDOT to select this loader to meet their many work demands in various applications.